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Dates Matter! And the Newest Gravityscan Improvements

This entry was posted in Gravityscan, News on Aug 11, 2017 by mark 2 Replies

The Gravityscan team has been rapidly innovating and improving what is already the best website malware and vulnerability scan available. The team works on an approximate one-week release cycle. During the past four weeks, we have released many improvements and fixes, which are listed below.

An Improved Date Format

The most noticeable improvement is the date format change on the badge. Here is the old format on my personal website. Note: Badges shown below are double their actual size.  

Here is what the new date format looks like on’s own badge:

As you can see, we switched from MM-DD-YY to YYYY-MM-DD. Or, put differently, instead of the traditional US date format of month-day-year, we switched to a standardized international format of year-month-day.

The Great Date Debate

The team actually had an interesting debate about this. The team discussing the date format was about 2 thirds American and one third international.

Our US colleagues didn’t like the idea of a day appearing first, while to our international colleagues, that seemed perfectly normal. So in this case, we settled on the ISO 8601 international standard to represent the date of last scan on the Gravityscan badge. The year is shown first, then month, then day. This is logical because the least significant digits are on the right; it is clear which digits represent the year; and we still have the month appearing before the day.

Recent Gravityscan Improvements

In addition to improving the date format on the badge, here are the fixes and improvements included in the past four releases. As you can see, Gravityscan continues to improve at a rapid pace.

Gravityscan 2.6

  • Fix for incorrect detection of SSL/TLS certs
  • vBulletin detection improvements
  • Magento detection improvements
  • Improved malware results reporting
  • Improved bad link detection
  • Improved mixed content detection & reporting
  • Improved remote malware detection
  • Improvements to scan history page
  • Fixed JS error when reloading old scan results page

Gravityscan 2.7

  • Fix for bad HTTP responses causing errors 
  • Sensitive file and directory disclosure checks added

Gravityscan 2.8

  • Improved Accelerator scan timing 
  • Fix for some scans not ending 
  • Fix for scans that were aborting
  • Fix typo in scan results
  • Fixed bug where vector clock implementation caused some scan results to have null “created/updated at” timestamps
  • Fixed bug where badge users who switched to Free Monitoring and then clicked “Install Trust Badge” would not have the initial schedule run time set

Gravityscan 2.10 (There was no 2.9)

  • Fix for “Results are a few seconds old” message displaying incorrectly
  • Fix for scan results not displaying when switching between tabs
  • Updated badge date format to YYYY-MM-DD
  • Fix badge display to always wrap date and domain
  • Fix so that sensitive file and directories are reclassified as vulnerabilities
  • Added one new sensitive file check
  • Added RSS feed to WordPress pages
  • Added social media sharing buttons to our blog
  • Added 19 new vulnerability checks
  • Added new domains to Threat Defense Feed blacklist

Go Get That Badge!

If you haven’t already gotten a Gravityscan badge for your site, you are missing out on the best website malware scan in the business, along with a thoroughly dependable way to ensure your content won’t get penalized by Google. Visit our home page and grab your free badge today! 

Mark Maunder – Wordfence & Gravityscan CEO

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2 Replies on "Dates Matter! And the Newest Gravityscan Improvements"

Hasse R. August 11, 2017 at 6:16 pmReply

You still have the old date format on the verify page seen after click on the button. Confusing with two different, international format is great on both places.

mark August 11, 2017 at 6:20 pmReply

Thanks Hasse. We have a bug entered for this and it will be fixed soon.


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