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Announcing a Lower Price and a Free Trial

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We have an exciting announcement today regarding Gravityscan Pro: we are dropping the price and introducing a free 14 day trial. As with all new products, we have been working closely with our customers to understand your needs and have reshaped the product accordingly. For the past few months, the team has been working on a new release and today we are officially announcing a few important changes to Gravityscan.

Pro Price Drop: We Are Halving the Price

Firstly, I am excited to announce that we are dropping the price for Gravityscan Pro from $10 per month to just $4.95 per month. This is an enormously beneficial change for our customers because it makes Pro incredibly affordable – the same price as a venti skinny peppermint mocha at Starbucks.

I’m incredibly proud that our team managed to get our operational costs low enough to bring world-class malware and vulnerability scanning to our customers for that incredibly low monthly price. Now you have every reason to get the full benefit of Gravityscan Pro, which provides daily security monitoring for your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and other websites.

Introducing a 14 Day Free Trial

The second big announcement we have is that we have introduced a two week free trial for our Pro accounts. Not only have we lowered the price for Gravityscan Pro, but we have also given you the ability to try out the fully functional Pro version of Gravityscan at no risk, for 14 days!

I’m a huge fan of this change because it provides complete transparency. Our customers can try out Gravityscan Pro and experience the benefits and peace of mind it provides with daily website scanning for a couple of weeks before making their final decision to buy or not.

Vulnerability Scans Are Now Paid, But With a Free Trial

To provide the best possible vulnerability scan engine, we realized that we need to invest heavily in Gravityscan. So we made the decision to make vulnerability scanning a paid-only service.

As a reminder, malware is an indication you have been hacked or infected and vulnerabilities are security holes. Gravityscan provides free malware scanning. This change makes vulnerability scans a Pro feature. Malware scanning remains completely free.

The way it works is that we will continue to scan your site for vulnerabilities and malware whenever you do a free scan on Gravityscan. If we find malware on your site we notify you immediately and you see the full result. If we find a vulnerability (security hole), we let you know we found something, but we also ask you to start a free Pro trial to see the result.

Once you have started your trial, you are not billed and you can see the full vulnerability scan results and have all the features available to Pro including scheduled scanning. If for some reason you don’t like Pro, you can cancel at any time during the 2 week trial and there is no charge.

If you love Gravityscan Pro, and we think that you will, then you will be billed monthly once your 14 day trial ends.

Gravityscan Badge Users: Here’s What Changed

If you are using the Gravityscan badge to get free daily malware scanning you should note that there is a minor change. You will continue to get free daily malware scans and get your malware results free.

Yesterday, with this new release, we activated vulnerability scanning on your site to let you know if we find a security hole. This scan runs in addition to your existing malware scans. You will need to start a free Pro trial to see your vulnerability results. Malware results are still immediately visible.

If you don’t want to start a free Pro trial, that’s okay! You will continue to get exactly the same benefit you received before from the badge.

If you find the vulnerability results useful, start a no-risk free trial and decide if the vulnerability scan results are valuable and whether you want to keep Pro. We think you will find it is a powerful tool to help secure your website and establish an effective security routine through daily monitoring of malware and vulnerabilities.

Amazing Feedback

We quietly launched the new version of Gravityscan yesterday to give ourselves a few hours of final testing in production before the big announcement this morning. We have already had a large number of happy customers upgrade to Gravityscan Pro and have received some amazing positive feedback from you all!

Lowering the price to just $4.95 and adding a free no-risk 14 day trial is a big step forward for Gravityscan and I think it does an amazing job of helping democratize world-class security for publishers. I’m proud of our team for making this release of Gravityscan a reality. I’m also incredibly grateful for the positive support we have received from our customers and your feedback to help us shape this product and better understand your needs.

Thank you for being part of the Gravityscan family.

Mark Maunder – Gravityscan & Wordfence Founder/CEO.

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