Gravityscan Help

General Help Topics

In this section you will find items that provide general help using Gravityscan.

Managing Sites

The “My Sites” page is where you can manage all websites you are protecting with Gravityscan in one place.

Managing Account Settings

The “Account” page in Gravityscan gives you a way to manage everything related to your Gravityscan account.

Scanning Your Site

This section provides help articles related to scanning your site, scan settings, upgrading to Pro and other topics related to malware and vulnerability scanning using Gravityscan.

Site Ownership Verification

Gravityscan only allows users who have proven that they own or are an administrator of a website to view security vulnerability details. This prevents people from trying to use Gravityscan for malicous purposes.

What is Gravityscan Accelerator?

Learn about how installing Gravityscan Accelerator enables faster and more accurate scans.

How to install Gravityscan Accelerator

Installing Gravityscan Accelerator vastly improves the scan speed and effectiveness that Gravityscan can provide. This page explains how to install Gravityscan Accelerator.

Manage Site Settings

The Manage Site Settings page is where you control all settings for each website that you have configured in Gravityscan.

Scan Results

Everything you need to know about the information provided on the scan results page and how to use it.

Scan History

The scan history page is where you can access historical scan results for sites that have been updated to Pro.

Sharing Scan Results

Gravityscan makes it easy to share your scan results.

How to Install the Gravityscan Trust Badge

Install the Gravityscan Trust Badge takes just a few minutes.

Scanning Magento with Gravityscan

Gravityscan can scan Magento and let you know about any vulnerabilities you have in Magento or any malware that it detects.

Scanning if you use a Cloud WAF

A guide for users who are using a cloud WAF (web application firewall) like GoDaddy/Sucuri Cloudproxy or Cloudflare.

Whitelisting Gravityscan

Server-level security settings can sometimes interfere with communication with Gravityscan servers. To fix this and to get the most out of Gravityscan, you may need to whitelist our IP range.

Malware Removal

These guides provide step by step instructions for removing malware from your website.

Malicious Redirects

A malicious redirect redirects site visitors to another website. Learn how to remove malicious redirects from your website.


Backdoors give attackers free reign over your web site. Learn how to find and remove them.

Spam Page

Spam pages can affect search traffic. Learn how to identify and remove spam pages.

Spam Link

If you have one spam link, you likely have many. Learn how to easily find and remove spam links.


Phishing operations are one of the fastest ways to end up on a blacklist. Learn how to identify and eliminate phishing files from your site.

Malicious Mailer

Malicious mailers can overwhelm site resources and land your site on a blacklist. Learn how to remove malicious mailers from your site.

Malicious File Uploader

A malicious file uploader is a file or script that allows an attacker to upload any file. Learn how to find and remove malicious file uploader scripts.

Defacement Page

Learn how to find, identify, and remove defacement pages from your site.

Suspicious Code

Not sure if code is malicious or not? Learn how to identify suspicious code and determine if it is malicious.

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