Gravityscan Help

Managing Sites

To navigate to the “My Sites” page you can click on the “My Sites” link at the top right of the Gravityscan interface.

The “My Sites” page is where you can manage all websites you are protecting with Gravityscan in one place. This is what the page looks like:

On this page you can see a range of information about each site including:

  • Last Scan: When the site was last scanned
  • Plan: If a site is an Unmonitored, Free Security Monitoring or Pro site.
  • Ownership: If you have verified site ownership, which lets you view vulnerability details for sites on Pro monitoring plans.
  • Accelerator: If you have Gravityscan Accelerator installed, which speeds up scans and improves scan accuracy.
  • Status: This column shows if the most recent scan has completed. The column has the following possible values:
    • Queued: The scan is queued up and about to start running.
    • Running: Your scan is currently running.
    • Completed: The most recent scan has completed.
    • Stopped: The scan was stopped, usually because you hit the “Stop scan” button during the scan.
    • Failed: An error occurred with the scan. This means that our systems were not able to complete the scan for some reason.
  • Severity: The ‘Severity’ column shows the issue in most recent scan with the highest severity.

The “Jump To” column provides you with shortcuts to navigate to scan results, scan history or the “manage site” page for a specific site.

You can also use the list of sites in the left panel to jump directly to the most recent scan results for any site.

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