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Manage Site Settings

The Manage Site page is where you control all settings for each website that you have configured in Gravityscan. At the top of the page you can choose to run a scan on the site you are managing. You also have the option to remove the site from Gravityscan.

In addition, this page provides the following site settings:

General Site Settings

This section contains high level configuration info about your site.

  • Plan type: Simply click the appropriate button if you would like to upgrade to Pro or Free Security Monitoring. You can downgrade using the same method.
  • Trust Badge: Click on the ‘Install Trust Badge’ button install the Gravityscan Trust Badge on your site.
  • Gravityscan Accelerator: Click the install button to install Gravityscan Accelerator. This allows you to perform much faster scans that check for significantly more vulnerabilities and malware.
  • Site Ownership: Use this button to verify site ownership so that you can view vulnerabilities on your scan (Pro feature).

Scheduled Scan Settings

This section is where you can define the settings for your scheduled scans. These settings are also used as the defaults for any manual scans you run.

  • Scan Intensity: This determines how fast a scan runs and how much load it places on your website. For our free options, you are limited in the speed at which you can run scans. Upgrading to Pro lets you run scans significantly faster. By increasing this setting there are more concurrent connections to your website and shorter delays between each request.
  • Malware: This enables Gravityscan’s malware scan. The scan will examine your site remotely and using the agent, if enabled, and will perform a comprehensive scan for malware. Disabling this option completely disables the malware scan and will significantly shorten scan time.
  • Vulnerabilities (Pro Feature): When enabled, Gravityscan will search for security problems on your website and include them in the results. Gravityscan can find vulnerabilities in a wide range of products including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and more. Disabling this will completely disable any vulnerability reporting and will reduce the amount of time taken by the scan.
  • Blacklist Status Check: This scan checks a large number of blacklists to determine if your website reputation is suffering as a result of being blacklisted for malicious behavior. We strongly recommend you leave this option enabled because it takes very little time to perform this scan.
  • Scan Frequency: This is used to schedule automated scans on your site. This feature is only available to Pro customers. You can schedule security scans on your site to run daily, weekly or on scheduled days at a specific time.

Communication Settings

Gravityscan can send you alerts and what you receive and the timing is highly configurable. This is a feature only available to Pro and Free Security Monitoring sites.

  • Weekly summary: Enabling this option will send you a weekly summary email of unresolved security issues on your site. We recommend you leave this enabled.
  • Alert settings: Using this option you can choose to receive alerts via email or text message on your phone. Text alerts are only available for Pro sites.
  • Send alerts for: You can use this option to choose what severity level you should be contacted about. You can, for example, choose to be contacted via text message if Gravityscan finds an issue that is ‘medium’ severity or above. You can also check the box provided to choose to be alerted if the scan fails due to errors.
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