Gravityscan Help

Sharing Scan Results

Gravityscan allows you to easily share scan results with anyone. On the ‘Scan Results’ page click the ‘Share Results’ button in the upper right hand corner of the header above the results table. A modal (pop up) will open, inviting you to share the results by either entering email addresses for the people you want to share the results with or by copying a link to the results which you can share via an means you like.

Share Scan Results Modal

Sharing via email

Clicking on the ‘Share Results’ button should default to the ’email’ tab in the modal. A single ‘from’ email address is required. You also need to add at least one ‘to’ email address. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

Note: Sharing results via email will automatically set the share visibility setting for the scan result to ‘Public’.

After clicking on the ‘Share Results’ button, first click the ‘Settings’ link on the right hand side of the modal. Ensure that ‘Share Visibility’ is set to ‘Public’. Clicking on the ‘Copy Link’ hyperlink will copy the shareable link to the scan results to your clipboard.

Share Visibility Setting

The ‘Share Visibility’ setting is set individually for each scan result. If set to ‘Private’, only the person who ran the scan will have access to view the results.

For anonymous users the identity of the person who ran the scan is established by the browser cookie set for the scan. Deleting your Gravityscan cookie will result in losing access to ‘Private’ scan results even if you retain the link.

For logged in users ‘Private’ scan results are viewable only by the logged in user who launched the scan.

If set to ‘Public’, anyone with link to the results will be able to view them. You can change this setting at any time, even if you have already shared the results.

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