Gravityscan Help

Site Ownership Verification

Gravityscan only allows users who have proven that they own or are an administrator of a website to view security vulnerability details. This prevents people from trying to use Gravityscan for malicous purposes. In an effort to make verifying ownership as easy as possible we offer four methods:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Installing Gravityscan Accelerator
  3. HTML File Upload
  4. HTML Tag

Once you have selected the site you want verify ownership for within ‘My Sites’, simply navigate to ‘Manage Site’┬átab. You can find the button to verify site ownership in the ‘Site Details’ section, highlighted in red below.┬áPressing the button will open a modal giving you access to the four options.

Google Analytics Method

If you are already using Google Analytics on your website you should be able verify site ownership with one click. The default ‘Simple Method’ tab allows you to use this method. Simply click on the ‘Verify’ button in the lower right. If you only have one Google account the verification should happen immediately. If you have more than one Google account you will be prompted to select the Google Account you have associated with Google Analytics for the website you are working on.

If the verification fails, please verify that that you have selected the correct Google account and that it does indeed have Google Analytics access for the website. If those steps don’t resolve the issue please try one of the other methods.

Installing Gravityscan Accelerator Method

Gravityscan Accelerator is a small piece of software that you can download and install on your web server. It enables Gravityscan to perform a much more accurate and efficient scan of your website. It is also a very convenient way to verify site ownership. To start the process click on the ‘Install Gravityscan Accelerator’ tab and follow the instructions.

Install Trust Badge Method

Install the Gravityscan Trust Badge is another way to prove site ownership. Once you have selected the ‘Install Trust Badge’ tab simply follow the instructions to complete the process.

HTML File Upload Method

For site owners who are not using Google Analytics and have sftp access set up, the HTML file upload method is a good choice. Once you have selected the ‘Manual Methods’ tab the ‘HTML File Upload’ option should be selected for you. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

HTML Tag Method

Site owners who are not using Google Analytics and are familiar with updating the meta tags on their site’s home page may prefer this method. Once you have selected the ‘Manual Methods’ tab select the ‘HTML Tag’ option. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

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