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Upgrading to Pro

By upgrading a website to Pro you enable a number of valuable features. The account type is managed at the website level, so many Gravityscan users will have a mix of Pro, Free Security Monitoring and Unmonitored sites in their account.

The Benefits of Upgrading to Pro

Gravityscan Pro unlocks the following features:

Scheduled Scans – By scheduling scans you insure that security issues are discovered quickly. Schedule scans to run as often as daily at the time of day that works best for you. Scheduled Scans are also available via the Free Security Monitoring plan.

Configure Alerts – Alerts allow you to react immediately to newly discovered security vulnerabilities, malware that is discovered or unfavorable blacklist check results. Configure alerts to be sent via email or text based on the severity level of scan findings.

Faster Scans – Scan your site as quickly as you like. Free sites are limited to intensity level 2, which can take a while to complete on larger sites.

Historical Results – We keep track of your historical scan results up to a full year.

Access to Support – Our awesome support team will help you work through issues quickly and professionally.

How to Upgrade to Pro

To upgrade to Pro, you first need to create an account or log in if you already have one. Logging in should bring you to the ‘My Sites’ page, which will show you a list of the websites you have added to your account. If the site you want to upgrade has not been added to your account yet, do so by hitting the ‘Add Sites’ button in the upper left corner of the screen and following the instructions. Find the site you want to upgrade and look for the ‘Jump To’ column to the far right. Select ‘Manage Site’ from the drop down.

On the manage site page you will find the ‘General Site Settings’ section near the top of the page.


To upgrade, simply switch the plan type to Pro. A modal will appear showing your new monthly subscription price and letting you select or enter a payment method.


Billing Cycles

Charges for Pro subscriptions are billed monthly on the same day of the month. The day of the month for billing is established the first time a site is upgraded to Pro for your account. Subsequent upgrades are billed on a prorated basis when added and added to your existing billing cycle going forward. Sites that are downgraded to Free Security Monitoring or Unmonitored during the middle of a billing cycle retain Pro status for the balance of the billing cycle.

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